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Choosing the right personal trainer for you

Why use a personal trainer?
An experienced and skilled trainer can help motivate you and keep you on track towards reaching realistic goals. They can help refresh your workouts and your mentality towards health and fitness. Training with a qualified personal trainer will hopefully be a learning experience, helping you to exercise more effectively and promoting fitness as a lifestyle choice for long term success. You should expect to receive an initial assessment that will review your exercise history, current lifestyle factors including nutrition, and future health and fitness targets.

What is the Register of Exercise Professionals
Founded in January 2002, REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) provides a way for the public and fitness industry to cross-check that a trainer has acceptable qualifications and has met the required standards to instruct. Not all trainers are on the register, maybe because they don't feel they would benefit from inclusion or they could have been instructing long before REPs was established. It is important to check that a personal trainer has instructor's public liability insurance. This means that a trainer will have also had their qualifications checked by the insurance broker, which is often a professional fitness body like FitPro (Fitness Professionals), FIA (Fitness Industry Association) or REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals).

Avoid overselling!
Be wary of a trainer telling you what you want to hear just so they can make the sale. It takes time and commitment to reach your health and fitness goals, especially with weight loss or muscular development. It's more important to choose a trainer based on their suitability to train you, with the relevant qualifications and experience to match your particular situation and goals.